We travelled to London first to our favourite cafe at the Embankment for lunch. Then we went to see the Tom Stoppard play "Arcadia" at the Duke of York's Theatre. After that we walked along Piccadilly to have Tea at the Ritz. Near the Duke of York's Theatre filming was in progress for "London Boulevard" due for release in 2010 and starring Colin Farrell. See photographs below. In all, a very memorable day.


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                                                                                              Waiting at Westcliff for the train to London


                                                                                                           At the Embankment cafe before lunch 


                            Colin Farrell (in sunglasses) filming "London Boulevard"                                                  More of the film crew


                           Sue relaxing in a courtyard just before afternoon theatre                                  John reading the programme in the theatre


                                        The highlight of the day - Tea at the Ritz                                                               Plaque outside the Ritz


                                          Sue just before taking Tea at the Ritz                                                        Palm Court where Tea is served            


                                  John and Sue just before taking Tea at the Ritz                                    The Quartet who played whilst we were taking tea


                                  John and Sue enjoying champagne at the Ritz                                                                Yummy yummy


                                                                                                                 The Splendour of the Ritz


                                                                                                                       Tea at the Ritz


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