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                          Sue enjoying a (very large) Meringue in Meiringen                                    John speaking with Naomi in Murren Christmas Day


             On our way up the Funicular railway (soon to be dismantled) on the                      Christmas Day in Murren with two others in our party

           way to Murren.


                                                         A wintry scene                                                                   On the train to Interlaken from Lautebrunnen


                                   John in Murren on Christmas Day                                        The Church in Meiringen where we went to the Midnight service


              This lot play drums and cow bells in Meiringen from Boxing day to                            John half way up the mountain in Meiringen

           New Year's eve (even at 4.00 a.m.!) to ward off evil spirits


                                    John on his way to the cable car in Meiringen                                                 Those drummers and bell-ringers again


                  Main street Meiringen with Sherlock Holmes Museum on right                                            Bells used by the bell-ringers


          Glacier Express which goes from Zermatt to St Moritz (8 hour journey) going through a hole in the mountain. These photos were taken from the 

        rear of a very long train on the way to St Moritz


         One minute you are on the train looking up at the viaduct. Next minute                                           The Cresta Run in St Moritz

       you are on the viaduct


                                Sue in St Moritz with the hat she crocheted                                                                   John in St Moritz


                                        John in St Moritz after lunch                                                  New Year's Eve in Switzerland is called Silvester


                             Sue holding up the leaning tower of St Moritz                                                          The Glacier Express engine


                                     Our hotel in Meggen just outside Lucerne                                                                       Lucerne


                                                                                                           Coffee time in Lucerne


                                                    Swan on Lake Lucerne                                                 Our lunch table on the paddle steamer New Year's Day


        Sue enjoying wine with her lunch on the paddle steamer New Year's Day                                              The paddle steamer


                                          Our room at the Balm Hotel, Meggen                                                   The Dining room at the Balm Hotel, Meggen



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