We arrived at Portmeirion on Saturday 28 July with James & Dawn and Naomi & Greg. On Sunday 29 July we had a birthday lunch for Sue in the hotel Portmeirion although her birthday was actually on Thursday 2 August as Greg had to leave after lunch and James & Dawn left on Monday 30 July. Naomi stayed for Sue's birthday celebrations on Thursday 2 August which included Quad biking. Naomi returned home on Friday 3 August and we stayed at Portmeirion until Tuesday 7 August celebrating our Wedding Anniversary on Sunday 5th August.


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                      Outside Angel Cottage the day we arrived                                                                    Before Sunday lunch


                           Sunday lunch in the Hotel Portmeirion                                                Robin Ellis-Jones with Sue's birthday cake number 1


                                 Sue's birthday cake number 1                                                                                    A special birthday card


                                With our friends Alan and Hilary                                                                              A Happy Sue


                          Dawn gives us our Wedding Anniversary present                                            It took Dawn 7 months to make our present


                           Before Quad biking on Sue's birthday                                                         John, Sue and Naomi on the Quad bikes


                                                    After Quad biking                                                                  Back at Portmeirion flowers have arrived


                                                 Someone's Birthday?                                                                       In the Hotel Portmeirion for Sue's birthday


                                              Birthday cake number 2                                                      Our Wedding Anniversary meal in the Hotel Portmeirion


                                                                       The afternoon of our Wedding Anniversary - the Band on the Bristol Colonnade


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