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John with Mum and Dad at his 21st Birthday Party on Saturday 6th January 1973


at the Women's Institute Hall, Rochford, Essex





  Sue receiving her Bachelor of Education at Exeter University on Graduation Day 7th July 1978





        John and Sue on their wedding day Saturday 5th August 1989





            John's mum (Bet), Sue, John and Naomi





                                                         Young John                                                    John and Sue on the Bateau Mouche, Paris





                                                      Betty (John's mum)                                                           Betty and brother Peter






                                                                                                         Betty (with friend) as a Land Girl





                                              Uncle Peter                                                                   Nana Lewis with John's 4 cousins







Family Photograph circa 1905

At the back of this photograph are Magnus and Mary Lewis (John's Great Grandparents). On the front left is Henrietta Tannebaum (Magnus's mother), John's Great Great Grandmother.

The two young boys are (left) Joseph Morris (Jack) Lewis (John's Grandfather) and Benjamin Lewis (Jack's brother). David Lewis (Jack and Ben's brother), had not been born at the time of this photograph.

John can remember his great grandmother (Mary); he was 5 years old when she died.





This is a photo of the marriage of David (John's uncle) and Hilda on 8th April 1939 at Emmanuel Church. Behind them is Jack Lewis (David's brother and John's grandfather). He is the young man next to Henrietta in the photo above this photo. Next to Hilda is Mary Lewis (David and Jack's mother) and next to her is Frances (Hilda's sister). On the left of the photo is Betty (John's mum). Next to David is Frances (Hilda's mother). 


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