On the day of John and Sue's 28th wedding anniversary, Naomi had her hair cut as part of "Brave the Shave" which raises money for the MacMillan Cancer Support Charity and in memory of Sue who suffered for 5 years with leukaemia. She was ably supported and encouraged by her partner Ben. As a result Naomi has so far raised (with Gift Aid) over 1,000 for MacMillan which is a wonderful result. For the relevant web link


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                         Naomi at home just before the haircut


Ben at home just before the haircut


Another shot of Naomi


Outside the Hair Salon before work begins    


Ben in progress


Ben finished and looking pleased


Text for Naomi which says "Now's it's your turn"


Dad does the first cut


Interesting style at the back


I hope it is Gin in this cup


Ben enjoys his tea, Naomi cannot look, Louise enjoying her work and the baby thinking "soon you will look like me"


Coming to the end now


Final touches


1 second after opening her eyes


Some relief and recomposure - Ben looks happy


The final result


Anyone want to make a wig (Some of this hair has been laid on Sue's grave)


                                                                          Naomi, Louise (Hairdresser) and Ben outside the salon


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