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On Wednesday 6 July 2005 John and Sue went to London to meet John's Cousin Mark (from Sydney, Australia) for the first time. Cousin Paul and Auntie Hilda (Bunny) (Mark's Grandmother) joined us (John and Sue) and we all had a great time together.








Family Photograph circa 1905


At the back of this photograph are Magnus and Mary Lewis (John and Mark's Great Grandparents). On the front left is Henrietta Tannebaum (Magnus's mother), John and Mark's Great, Great Grandmother.

The two young boys are (left) Joseph Morris (Jack) Lewis (John's Grandfather) and Benjamin Lewis (Jack's brother). Mark's grandfather, David Lewis (Jack and Ben's brother), had not been born at the time of this photograph.

John can remember his great grandmother (Mary); he was 5 years old when she died.




                                  Mark and his Grandmother (Bunny)                                    Afternoon tea on the day London was awarded the 2012 Olympics


                                                   Difficult decisions                                                                       Mark and Sue getting along swell


                                    The drink flowing quite nicely now                                              John and Bunny raising a glass for a happy occasion


                                          Paul in mischievous mode?                                                                      Now listen to Uncle


                                     Captions please, on a postcard                                                                     All of us after a very good meal


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