John and Sue's 2 weeks in their lodge at the Humina Hotel



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Sue sitting in our lodge relaxing with coffee


Sue in the hotel dining room


Sue by the Christmas Tree at the hotel


Sue getting ready to unload the skis from Timo's (the instructor) car


Sue after her skiing lesson with Timo


John doing cross country skiing - he's trying his best


Sue cross country skiing


Snowflakes on Sue's jacket


A view of what the locals call "The Cold Sun"


Sue with her mobile poised for more photos


Sue having lunch at an animal farm


Sue and John heading off for a sleigh ride on the animal farm


Sue and John's lodge with the wood fire in the middle


Sue working on her mobile again at a cafe in the town centre


Sue sitting outside our lodge at -25 degrees celcius


Sue with her snowman


John happy with the TV remote control


Sue in the distance


Sue warming herself outside at the animal farm


View from the lodge window


Sue on her sled with John behind on his sled


Sue looking after her dogs


Timo giving John some advice


View from our lodge


 Half way through a 25 mile snowmobile ride through the forest



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