28 JULY TO 10 AUGUST 2006



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Some photographs still have captions to be added




                                  John leaving home for the holiday                                                        Approaching Paris Lyon railway station




                                          Sue arriving in Venice                                                                Champagne on arrival at our hotel in Venice




                                                  Canal in Venice                                                                           Campanile in St Mark's Square




                                        Near St Mark's Square                                                                                St Mark's Square




                                                Sue on a Gondola




                                                Our Gondolier, Leonardo                                                                     Another part of the canal




                                                         More Canal                                                                 











                                                                                                                                                                             Sue in St Mark's Square at night




                                              Rialto Bridge at night                                                                              Glass blowing on Murano




                                           Glass for sale on Murano                                                                                     Burano




                                            Lace shop in Burano                                                                                            Burano




                                                    Leaving Venice                                                                                          Florence







                                                                                                                                               Sue on her birthday with Ice Cream at the Uffizi Gallery, Florence




                   View of the Bargello from the top of the Uffizi Gallery                                               Us at the top of the Uffizi Gallery 




                                       Another view from the Uffizi                                                Sue on her birthday at the Anglo American Hotel, Florence




           View of the Vineyards and Olive Groves at Vicchiomaggio Castle                                     Being entertained at Vicchiomaggio Castle




                        Sue's birthday dinner at Vicchiomaggio Castle                                                                The accordionist




                                                     Pisa Cathedral                                                                                          Baptistry at Pisa




                                       The Leaning Tower of Pisa                                                                  John holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa




                          Us at the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa                                       Cathedral and Baptistry viewed from the top of Pisa tower




                              John at the top of the Leaning Tower                                                                   Jenny and Bernard in Lucca




                                View from our apartment in Florence                                                                             Who is this?










                             Our Tour Manager  - Drunk again in Sienna?                                                           A view in San Gimignano




                                    Sue on our Wedding Anniversary                                                                                       Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Florence




                  John just before his ice cream on the Ponte Vecchio Bridge                            John with his ice cream on our Wedding Anniversary




             Us with the Ponte Vecchio bridge on our Wedding Anniversary                                              The Ponte Vecchio bridge




                                    Sue on the Ponte Vecchio bridge                                                                           Frascati Cathedral




                                     Us at the Trevi fountain, Rome                                                          Sue with the Statue of Liberty, Rome




                                                                                                                                                                                John in the Forum, Rome




                                         Gladiator at the Colosseum                                                                              The Colosseum




                                                                                                         St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City




                                             Gladiators near the Forum                                                                              Roman chariot?




                     Sue and Bernard at Pagnanelli's, Castelgandolfo                                          Jenny and John at Pagnanelli's, Castelgandolfo




                                   Singer at meal at Pagnanelli's                                                Sue in reflective mood on the roof garden of the hotel in Rome




                                                                               Dinner on the Palatino Sleeper from Rome to Paris



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