12 - 16 OCTOBER 2005


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                                          Leaving for Westcliff station                                                            At the cafe bar, Waterloo International Station


                                                  Sue in French mode                                                                                           A vineyard


                                                       Some vines                                                                                   Champagne Mercier headquarters

                                                                                                                                           The underground cellars stretch for 14km


                                     Champagne tasting (or is it drinking?)                                                                 Some champagne bottles


             A replica (much smaller) of the barrel that won 2nd prize in                                           Lunch at Le Cellier du Vigneron

           the Paris Exhibition of 1889 (Eiffel Tower won 1st prize)


                                                  Sue at lunch                                                                                        Champagne glass for lunch


                                                Champagne for lunch                                                              The dessert - it looked delicious and was delicious


                                                      Sue after Lunch                                                                      A sign in the champagne village of Hautvillers


                                          Another sign in Hautvillers                                                      The grave of Dom Perignon in the Church at Hautvillers


                             After the tour of Hautvillers - more champagne                                                            Some champagne tops


                                      A lovely view just outside Hautvillers                                                                              Grapes


                                                     The town of Troyes                                                                                      A church in Troyes


                                         A visit to another Champagne house                                                                             More tasting


                                               Bottles of champagne                                                                         Bottles of champagne maturing


                                              A glass of champagne Drappier                                                             Sue just before another tasting


                                                    A large bottle of champagne                                                      Last night in Reims  - dinner with the group


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